1. セーム革とシルバークロス Ⅱ|Chamois leather or silver cloth

    Chamois leather or silver cloth Ⅱ

    Continuing from chamois leather and silver cloth I, this time I would like to introduce about silver cloth. In the previous article, there is no abrasive on chamois leather. I explained that the silver cloth has abrasives . In the silver care product section, there are several cloths such as the following cloths, silver cloths, silver polishing cloths, etc., although the names are different.
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  2. セーム革とシルバークロス I|Chamois leather or silver cloth

    Chamois leather or silver cloth I|Chamois leather or silver cloth

    If you go to a silver care store, you'll usually find something like the one pictured below, or something similar. I went shopping for care products, but what should I buy? There are several types, which is a problem. I think there are many people who have had such an experience. I would like to briefly explain the difference and usage for such times.
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  3. シルバーの保管について|How to store silver

    How to store silver

    Silver products change color over time. I think that many people who have silver products know it empirically. The degree of discoloration varies depending on the wearer and lifestyle, so it is not possible to say in general how the color will change over time. Why does silver turn black in the first place? When silver comes into contact with air, its surface reacts with hydrogen sulfide in the air, producing a black compound called silver sulfide.
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