SYNC 1.0
"Autonomy and re-editing"

“Autonomous and Re-editing”

[Gothic architecture] As it is called "architecture of division", first there is the whole, and then the method is taken to divide it into parts and parts. It can be said that it is a balanced structure (= each one is connected by a special relationship) that the whole collapses when one element is removed. It is exactly in line with the world view of Christian Western civilization, and the absolute world designed by God, that is, each space has its own role. → [Gothic architectural jewelry] For example, a ring with a melee diamond that complements the central stone.

[Mies van der rohe] In contrast to Gothic architecture, Mies van der rohe is an architect who is sometimes described as "architecture of addition". is taken. Structural stability does not depend on the balance of the whole, each one bearing the structure is a stable structure (the grid guarantees the equality of the parts), and they do not have a specific role. Although there is also the development of construction technology, it is consistent with the current and modern world view of chemistry and the infinitely expanding universe. →[Mies-like jewelry] This time, we focused on an eternity ring that consists of parts (units) as a whole, and aimed to create Mies-like jewelry by freeing ourselves from the authoritative and limited space of nail clasps for stones. I was.

This time, we regard "autonomy and re-editing" as "setting a grid and freedom from a limited role" and " the act of constructively laying out jewelry with norms on the body" , and propose it along with jewelry coordination.