A small showroom where you can always see ISIR jewelry. Not limited to limited-time events, you can take your time while talking to the designer. Please feel free to contact us for spot sales of existing products, order production, bridal meetings, etc. We also accept remote customer service using ZOOM for those who have difficulty coming to the store, including those who live far away.

|Complete reservation system|
Due to the small space, we will limit 2 groups per day (up to 2 people per reservation).

|Address private|
Nearest station: Yoyogiuehara station, Yoyogihachiman station
[Near Tomigaya, Shibuya Ward]

(*After completing the reservation using the reservation form below, we will send you the details of the showroom address by e-mail.)


[Be sure to read] Efforts to prevent the spread of new coronavirus infection and requests when visiting

SYNC is open with thorough measures to prevent new coronavirus infection. We ask for your understanding and understanding as we take into consideration the health and safety of our customers and staff.

①Limited number of people due to reservation system

Due to the narrow space, we are limiting the number of visitors with a complete reservation system in advance. For the time being, same-day reservations are suspended, so please be sure to make a reservation at least 2 days before your desired tour date.

② Body temperature measurement when entering the store

When entering the building, body temperature is measured with a non-contact thermometer. If you have a fever of 37.5°C or higher, you will not be allowed to visit us.

③ Requests to customers

・If you have cold symptoms such as fever, malaise, loss of taste/smell, cough/sneezing and sore throat, or if you have visited a country/region where infections continue to spread within the past two weeks, please visit our store. Please refrain from
・It is necessary to wear a mask in the store. If you are not wearing it, you cannot come to the store. We do not provide masks, so please bring your own.
・Please cooperate with hand washing, use of the provided disinfectant, and cough etiquette.
・Please use cashless payment as much as possible.

Reservations for visits are made by specifying the date and time, and reservations must be made at least 2 days before the date of visit.

Please select the date and time you would like to visit in the calendar and make a reservation after completing the necessary information.

After confirming the contents of the reservation form, we will send you the details of the address of SYNC from here. If you have any questions, please contact us at the email address below.