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2023.7.21(fri) - 23(sun)
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esu gallery
〒153-0052 東京都目黒区祐天寺2丁目8−4 エクセルサカエ

平素よりお取り扱い頂いておりますfeets近接のesu galleryにて受注会を行います。今回の受注会では、既存の商品に加え、”feets限定”にてシグネットリングの刻印サービスを承ります。






We will be hosting an order reception event at esu gallery, located near feets, which we greatly appreciate your ongoing support.

During this order reception event, in addition to our existing products, we will be offering an engraving service for "feets-exclusive" signet rings.

Here is a summary of the event:

The signet ring, with "SIGNET" meaning "signature," serves as a symbol of authority and proof of origin, much like a name represents an individual. It has its roots in hand engraving and often features sans-serif lettering, depicting specific details such as names, family names, or affiliations.

Since 2022, under the concept of "autonomy and reconfiguration," ISIR has been redefining the existence of traditional jewelry through autonomous rules. In relation to engraving, we have given it careful consideration.

One's origin is something inherent, given at birth, and a name is something received from others. For example, when you see a collection of rings with initials, many people unconsciously try to imagine what those initials represent.

However, during this order reception event, we would like you to choose one word from a selection of abstract words provided by ISIR. We believe that this choice, varying based on one's life and preferences, can offer a more personal connection than simply engraving a name.

We are genuinely excited to see what words everyone will choose from the vast array available on the day of the event. We sincerely hope to meet all of you there.

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